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Homes for Sale in Grayslake

Grayslake Real Estate & Homes for Sale in Illinois

Named after 78-acre Gray’s Lake and ideally situated in central Lake County, this thriving community is growing steadily. With great commercial-land availability and easy access to Interstate 94, families and businesses alike experience the best of both worlds. The Village of Grayslake’s proximity to Chicago and Milwaukee – as well as their airports – only strengthens its economic vitality. An enchanting mix of new and old, the city’s streets consist of new industrial development and family-run shops that have graced Grayslake since the early 20th century. Though its population is just over 20,000, Grayslake is more than self-sufficient. Local fire and police departments provide outstanding public services. The voice of the collective populace stays strong, as parents participate in educational fund-raising and citizens of all backgrounds are active in civic affairs. A community with a strong focus on education, Grayslake is home to a highly ranked public school system and the Grayslake Area Public Library. Also enhancing the learning experience are the College of Lake County and the Center for Economic Development, both located in Grayslake. Their in-depth technical training and career services attract some 15,000 students annually, boosting the already-thriving residential market. Grayslake’s real estate offerings consist of single-family homes, condominiums and townhouses, many with water frontage or scenic views of Gray’s Lake.

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Price Range of Grayslake Houses

The real estate market of Grayslake is made up of a wide selection of single-family detached homes, condominiums and townhouses. Single-family homes are affordable enough to suit nearly any budget, with prices starting in the high $100,000s. Larger luxury homes and estate properties with acreage are priced from the $500,000s up. Many homes feature water views or frontage and amenities such as swimming pools, fireplaces, skylights, finished basements, decks and patios. Some horse properties can be found. Condominiums and townhouses are priced starting in the mid-$100,000s. Prices range up into the mid-$200,000s and higher for larger, newer units with water frontage and other luxury amenities. Land and lots are available for custom construction.

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